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art done by @nya_FF14

Mizu is welcoming to all new and seasoned players looking for a place to come and relax while playing the game! We're a Sprout/LGBTQ+/Vet/RP friendly FC that is casually playing the game. EXP Buffs on 24/7 with reduced rates on as well! We're not a hardcore raid-focused FC, so please don't expect that from us when joining! We also do not do old content such as ARR dungeons, trials, as well as HW dungeons. When it comes to running maps/mount events, we will be doing either Stormblood, Shadowbringers, or Endwalker content. Please be aware of this when joining if you're just starting the game! Currently, we have a discord server and you're welcome to join the discord through the invite on the last page!

about us


Mizu was created in 2019 to create a space for all players who want to relax and play to join to chat! Recently as of 10/2021, our intention now is to help others find somewhere to relax and chat while working on MSQ content.

community breakdown

  • We're currently open to all who just want to open their social life in-game a bit more.

  • Trying to help advise people regarding their classes, if they ask of course.

  • All/Most members are expected to join the discord in order to still be in the loop of what is going on regarding activities/events!

  • We're a relaxed FC that allow members to play other games if their focus isn't purely on FFXIV.

rp wise

  • ???


  1. Treasure Map Nights

  2. Mount Farming

  3. ????




( these rules are summarized for the sake of space. )

  1. Keep it drama-free.

  2. Communication is key.

  3. All farming events are first come first serve.

  4. Please don't make people uncomfortable o(-<

The FC has a Medium plot in the Empyreum, Plot 56, Ward 18
2 Airship
3 Submarines
Rank 30
Current Goal:
Getting a Large! currently 11.5 mil :D


  • We're looking for people who want to find a new friend group/expand their social life more!
  • Here at Mizu we're very relaxed when it comes to this.
  • So you can chat during down time, ask for help on things, or if you want to play other things with us then that's okay!
  • That's alright! Just because you're unable to join us here at Mizu, we have a linkshell that you can hang out with us at!
  • In game, we're usually at our FC house!
  • Great question!

    We tend to chat around or mess around a lot depending on who you're speaking with!

    Outside of XIV

    We play other games such as Minecraft, or what other MMO is going around. However, we tend to play whatever games and are pretty relaxed on play time/hours!

    Missing any information?

    Please ask either the FC lead (Tsukina Yamabushi) for any questions you have!


    fc staff

    Due to the FC leader's obsession with the ocean, most roles are named after the scientific title of fish/aquatic life. To clarify what these names are, it'll be italicized beside it!

    art done by Tsukina Yamabushi (@_tsukisaan on twitter)




    1. Content: Leveling, Crafting, Gathering, etc.

    2. Socializing: Talking to other FC members, hanging out during downtime, etc.

    3. Participation: Those who are joining are expected to chime in every so often!

    ranks + roles

    • Administration Roles

    • - Aurelia Aurite [Moon Jellyfish] - Lead

    • - Paguroidea [Hermit Crab] - Co-Lead

    • Member Roles

    • • Brachyura [Crabs] - Crafters/Gatherers

    • • Zanclus Cornutus [Moorish Idol] - All Rounder (Healer, Tank, DPS)

    • • Petrophyllum [Angelfish] - Healer

    • • Scorpaenidae [Scorpionfish] - Tank

    • • Sphyraena [Barracuda] - DPS

    • • Caridea [Shrimp] - Waiting on role

    • • Sardina Pilchar [Sardines] - Members that are more than 30 days away/inactive however are potentially returning